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Polish for Foreigners

We offer group and individual Polish courses for foreigners on all levels. Learn Polish in a friendly atmosphere on professionally designed courses. We focus on communication in everyday situations, also paying attention to grammar. You will learn about Polish customs and tradition as well as common informal expressions and idioms. We will show you how to learn Polish language efficiently.


This is a great alternative for those who do not like learning in a group or who cannot come to classes regularly. You may participate one to one course or in small groups.

  • times and frequency of the meetings are established by the needs of the students
  • classes can be cancelled or moved to another day or time.
  • participants (individually created based upon a needs analysis)
  • classes can start and finish at any time.
  • monthly payments according to the following rates for one clock hour of lesson time:
No. of people45 min60 min90 min
No. of people45 min60 min90 min
160 zł80 zł110 zł
240 zł50 zł60 zł
330 zł40 zł50 zł

* in case you wish to attend lessons in your own location, please consider additional cost of 10 zł